Defined, Exceptional, Boundless

BOAR Brand is a Baguio based independent clothing line started on the year 2011. Our shirt designs are heavily influenced by music, pop culture and the street lifestyle of the Filipino people. Owned by Bret Irvin Pangilinan and April Aragones, Boar Brand aims to give the people quality, awesome and affordable rockin’ shirts ranging from statement to band tees and merchandise!

Contact Details

Bret Irvin Pangilinan


Baguio, 2600, Philippines



Accepted Payments

BDO Savings Account

BOAR Brand


    BB-Prime-Quality (Heather Gray)

    Boar Brand never fails it’s fans by releasing new tees with premium quality. As the name itself says, Boar Brand presents “BB- Prime Quality,” in Heather Gray color. Be at your outmost apperance with the shirt. Great to pair with a pair of light blue or even dark jeans plus your favorite sneakers or shorts for those who want to stay comfy. With a reasonable price of Php399, your benefit of having a simple yet high quality piece of tee is never compromised.

      Rise from the Ranks-Black

      Boast your very own “Rise from the Ranks” tee from Boar Brand! This simple yet rocking design will make you stand out from others.

        Diamond Cutter – Light Blue

        A classic Boar Brand design. This was also worn by former Riverymaya Bassist and now the front man of Peso Movement, Japs Sergio. So if it’s worn by a rock star, there’s no reason for you not to also wear it.

          Death by Mistake – Yogi Bear

          Who would expect Yogi Bear, a family cartoon character would be in a shirt? He’s a fierce Yogi Bear though, different from what we know as a fun, exciting, lively and cute one. Make them fear your Yogi Bear!

          The finest, rising from the North.