Filipino music, movies, and culture

Filipino arts, music, movies and culture are intimately tied with the trends of the West. They reflect markets in places like the United States, Spain, Mexico and Australia, yet retain a distinct Asian flavor. Although Filipino music and movie stars latch onto, and are successful at contributing to Western style, they are proud of their Eastern heritage and meld the sounds into a unique blend of arts that are appropriate for a worldwide audience.

The golden age of Filipino movies coincided exactly with the American movie golden age. This is due to the relationship between America and the Philippines during the large wars of the Twentieth Century. A strong connection was built between high-powered arts in the States and arts outlets in Asia. The Filipino history, filled with a mix of cultural sensibilities created an attractive and highly marketable movie culture. In essence it had the thrust of gigantic Hollywood productions melded with Asian and Spanish story-telling and artistic infusion.

Some of the more popular movies that Filipino directors like Cesar Montano have released in recent years are titles like Bullet and Wangbe in 1998. Emerging actors like the young John Lloyd Cruz and Christopher de Leon have inherited the mantel of golden age actors and actresses like Consuelo Agano (Linda Estrella) who made movies in the 40s and 50s. They continue the Filipino cultural acting tradition, but are careful to integrate modern styles. This attention paid to popular movie methodology is what is making Filipino movies more popular all over the world.

Worldwide notoriety is being heaped upon Filipino music performers like Gabby Concepcion, Jovit Baldivino, Sherwin Bagnion and Kaz James. These musicians are popular for creating an ultra fusion style that combines many forms of music from many continents. The production company Star Records has played a huge role in promoting Filipino music to the world and radio stations like 102.7 Star FM Manila is broadcast throughout several regions. Because of the Philippine’s isolation, live streaming using the latest in broadcast and Internet technology is allowing Filipino musicians to reach an incredibly diverse audience.

Another very influential Filipino cooperative is the Pinoy Hiphoppaz Organization. This group promotes Filipino-born hip hop, rap, jazz and performance art throughout the world. Its founder Jay Honeyluv is an award-winning contemporary of productions juggernauts found in the United States, Britain, Germany and Brazil.

Filipino art and music is an exciting and fulfilling look into one of the most passionate and creative cultures on the planet. The Filipino people and culture have brilliant instincts for great sounding music and aesthetically pleasing art. They have also learned the best techniques for captivating audiences at the theater.

Filipino arts have a rich heritage boosted by the best that the West has to offer. Filipino stars are highly marketable and attractive to international fans and supporters. There is no doubt, Filipino movies and music will make huge leaps and inroads as influential elements in the future evolution of arts and culture.

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