Cristine Reyes: Her Humble Beginnings

Real Name: Ara Marie Cristine Pascual Reyes
Birthday: February 5, 1989
Origin: Marikina City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Cristine Reyes

Cristine Reyes

Cristine Reyes is one of the most controversial young and sexy stars in today’s generation. She has been in the show business for several years. Everyone is aware as to how she faces intrigues and deals with controversies. Being involved in a wide array of extreme issues, she was number one in the list among 100 FHM’s sexiest women in 2009. She managed to stand firm, make her way to the top, and be at the peak of her fame and career.


Her Humble Beginnings

Taking her little steps to stardom, she made all the possible ways and means to conquer Philippine show business. Through her efforts, she gave her one big dream a chance of becoming one of the pioneering contestants of GMA-7’s reality TV program, StarStruck. Though Cristine Reyes failed to bag the winning title, she was able to make it to the top. People began to love her face, hour-glass figure, flawless skin, and everything about her. She was able to garner both constructive and destructive criticisms but was also able to handle them with poise, grace and decency.


Jumping from one network to another, she finally settled to one of the biggest networks in the country, ABS-CBN. She gave it a try and was welcomed by the Kapamilya with a big bang. Presently managed by Viva Artists Agency and one of the most active contract artists of ABS-CBN, Cristine Reyes has take a huge part in the success of various ABS-CBN Kapamilya shows in the afternoon and in the evening – primetime slots.


Letting go and Moving on

Cristine Reyes, a sexy Filipina actress, commits herself to acting, dancing, endorsing, and a whole lot more. Initially, she got in the limelight by pursuing her dreams and creating her own image to stardom. Although she is the sister of a famous sexy actress, Ara Mina, she sees to it that she just doesn’t stay in Ara’s shadow. Being tagged to become known in her own little way and be considered to be one of the sexiest, young, fresh faces in the entertainment industry. Cristine Reyes still finds time to pamper and improve herself to possible ways she knows best.


Right now, her career continues to blossom as she makes it more fruitful and meaningful. Taking bolder, more daring, and more matured roles in TV programs and movies, and having sexier and more seductive poses among print ad covers. Cristine Reyes believes that she could still be able to keep her career burning hot.

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