Anne Curtis: International Superstar

Real Name: Anne Ojales Curtis-Smith
Birthday: February 17, 1985
Origin: Yarrawonga, Victoria, Australia

Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis has been recognized as an international icon because of her sweet demeanor and ability to produce top hits in the Filipino music industry. Born and raised in Yarrawong, Victoria, Australia, Anne always visited her relatives in the Philippines on a yearly basis. And one day while visiting her family, she was discovered and was soon featured in several modeling jobs and commercials. Soon after, her career as a singer, model, actress and fashion icon took off.

Anne Curtis, 27, measures 5’6” in height, and because of her ravishing good looks, has been titled as an international sweetheart. Anne is well-known on an international scale as a Filipino model, singer, actress and TV host, but she also has an impeccable sense of style; therefore, she can add style icon to her long list of accomplishments.

In addition, the Filipino artist has been taking the music scene by storm since her debut album titled “Annebisoyosa” was released in stores on September 15, 2011, and it soon became a chart topper in the Filipino music industry. Annebosoyosa is made out of 6 popular American pop songs relived by Anne and two singles that were written by the star. Some of the tracks include: “Tinamaan Ako”; “Alone”; “ Total Eclipse of the heart,” featuring Sarah Geronimo; “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”; “Bizarre Love Triangle” and “Too Many Walls.” Anneybosoyosa was released by Vivid Records, and it goes on for 30 minutes 97 seconds. Anneybosoyosa is characterized by lively pop music that will have everyone dancing in their seats.

Anne Curtis soon made her debut on the highly popular television show “America’s Next Top Model” when a Filipino designer known as Francis Libiran asked her to model his collection of gowns on the popular show. Anne accepted and soon was featured on the show where she wore several stunning designs by the Filipino fashion icon. “I chose Anne to model my designs because she embodies the spirit of a true Filipino woman,” raves fashion designer Francis Libiran. And it’s no wonder why Curtis is considered a fashion icon: she empowers the true spirit of a confident woman and has a killer sense of style.

International Korean pop phenomenon, Psy, teams up with the international cutie in a concert for the ages. This concert will take place on a stage in Manila, Philippines on December 20, 2012. The concert will be held at the SM Mall of Asia Concert grounds, and Psy will perform his greatest hit: “Gangnam Style”. Overall, Anne Curtis has been one of the most recognized female Filipino artists of this generation.

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