Angel Locsin: An Angel in Human Disguise

Real Name: Angelica Locsin Colmenares
Birthday: April 23, 1985
Origin: Santa Maria, Bulacan

 Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin

One of the country’s pride in the entertainment industry, tries to live up the name given to her by her parents. Known for her charm, sweet image, talent, and a good heart. Angel Locsin made it to the stardom and now prominent for her passion on being an actress, a commercial model, TV and print ad endorser, movie producer, and a fashion designer. With all these feathers on her cap, she is truly one of the most valuable assets of the Kapamilya network, ABS-CBN.


An Angel into the Limelight

Being the lead star and extreme characters in different television series and movie genres, Angel Locsin is able to take her career through her own efforts, at her own costs, and in the fastest pace. With her success in her chosen industry, she was able to make her lifestyle along with her family’s and loved ones’ – enjoying life’s beauty and blessing while saving for tomorrow. Known to be a certified daddy’s girl, she prioritizes the people closest to her heart and makes the most out of savoring God’s gift to her.


More and more people admire her for her positive outlook, simplicity, beauty and talent but this still makes her feet on the ground. She is committed in doing what she loves and is determined to succeed in the show business. She exerts all effort and spends most of her time working hard to create a name in the industry.


When her contract with GMA network ended in March 2007, she exclusively committed herself to ABS-CBN. She continues to star in TV drama series, sitcoms and programs, become the lead role in many top grossing films, and most of all, be tagged as one of the sexiest and most beautiful faces in showbiz.


An Angel in Human Disguise – the Other Side of Locsin

She intends to do charity works by volunteering to help other people in need. She ties up with various NGOs to come up with outreach programs which are aimed towards lending a helping hand and making someone smile. With her kind and good heart, it makes her set good examples among her peers and fellow artists.


Being able to share your blessings to others makes you a better someone that GOD intends you to be. She lives up with her name, Angel and truly, she is an angel in human disguise. Beautiful, multi-talented, kind and sophisticated. Angel Locsin simply deserves the fame and the fun she is enjoying right now.

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