we are a mix of personalities and eccentricities. we clash often and have debates on our music, but we always end up with stuff we are proud about. outside of music though, we are a loud bunch and we have conversations about movies, video games, anime and comics. we are good friends, perhaps because also all of us in the band do not smoke or drink.

Band Name: Paperview

Years Playing Music: 3

Country: Philippines

City: Davao

Genre: pop, rock, jpop

Musical Influences: paramore, judy and mary, pornograffiti, tool, nine inch nails, john mayer

Availability: By invitation

Band Members

Name Instruments Played
rei bass
ping vocals
aton guitars

Contact Details

Phone #: 09177009543

Website & Social Media


Humanitarian causes that I support:
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Human Rights

Music List



How Often Do You Perform?

rarely. the local venue for original bands is very small, and the productions who offer gigs are factioned. sadly, we are not a member of any faction, and we are hence typecast and not given a chance.

What inspires us on what we want to do?

you can say it is a calling... or a desire to escape the doldrums of normalcy.

Brief History of the band

we started wanting to be a showband. the bassist Rei just got out of being in a death metal band, and got tired of playing music none of his friends want to hear. his cousin Aton was a formidable guitar player, who also went to school with vocalist, Ping. we tried some popular music, but we can never get along on which songs to cover. to settle our eternal debate, we decided to write songs, and that is how we came to be.

How do you separate yourself from other upcoming and existing band?

we have a very visceral singer and performer with Ping. the music is very upbeat, and most of all, i just think we sincerely love performing in front of a crowd, making it a point to give them a memorable show, compared to a lot of bands who do not care about the audience, and instead write and play music that serve their egos.

Have you had any previous print, broadcast media exposures or reviews? How was it?

yes. we were interviewed on air by local radio stations. one of our songs also managed to land on a radio program's sunday playlist. rei and ping also have various projects that gets them interviewed. ping, being a cosplayer, and rei being an active musician, who has been playing for awhile, and at the same time, is well known in the forums.

What are your future plans? Give your fans an idea on what to look forward in your band this year.

we are writing some amazing songs. songs that are stuff we think people would love. we're also gearing up for our music video and EP. we are quite excited!