Mungo Beans

Country: United States

City: Las Vegas, Nevada

Availability: Anytime

Band Members

Name Instruments Played
Geoffrey Palma Acoustic, Electric, Bass Guitar
Phong Bay Phan Bass Guitar
Janice Aranas Lead Vocals
Luvimin Jurani Acoustic Guitar/Vocals
Mik Del Rosario Drums/Acoustic Guitar

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What inspires us on what we want to do?

Are inspired by great music and having a good time with our friends.

Brief History of the band

THE MUNGO BEANS was formed in 2011 by Geoffrey Palma (Guitar), Janice Aranas (Vocals), and Phong Bay Phan (Bass) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The three came together after needing an outlet from their everyday lives. Their love of music and jamming kept them together and inspired several YouTube videos. They gained popularity amongst friends and Las Vegas locals after several open mic performances. Shortly after, they were joined by Luvimin Jurani (guitar/vocals) and Mik Del Rosario (drums) and are a definite crowd favorite whenever they perform their favorite cover songs. Most of this talented group have musical backgrounds playing with other bands previously or having done past musical work. Music and performances by Janice Aranas have been featured on LUMPIA Motion Picture, LUMPIA Motion Picture Soundtrack and LUMPIA PALOOZA 3 DVD.

THE MUNGO BEANS are all about loving music, playing great songs, enjoying life, and creating good fun for their friends and fans.