Country: Philippines

City: Dumaguete

Genre: RnB/Hip-hop

Availability: Anytime

Band Members

Name Instruments Played
Daddy Andez

Contact Details

Email: itzmurray@gmail.com

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What inspires us on what we want to do?

The group’s inspiration comes from pride of the motherland and our home city, Dumaguete. Since Manila is far away, the group decided to create a scene unique to Dumaguete, a scene that the rest of the country, and the world would appreciate.

Brief History of the band

In 2001, Midnasty was founded by the twins. After some time, Arkho aka Greedy, has joined in and helped create a new sound for the group, also inspiring Chilled Mindz Clique, a secondary group of young artists. From then on, the group had produced their own material, from their songs, to some music videos between Midnasty and Chilled Mindz Clique. These productions paved the way for Midnasty today, acquiring new alliances from Bacolod and Bataan City, as well as international producer, Speeshbeats. Midnasty was founded in 2001 by the twins Fry and Murray with the dream to put Dumaguete City on the map.

Having started with virtually nothing but a dream and the drive, Midnasty made use of what was available to them at the time.

Sneaking into their university’s campus and making use of the production equipment had paved the way to getting a local following and listenership from their first productions.

Greedy, offering his unique sense of style joined the group in 2004 and changed Midnasty’s entire paradigm. This included a founding of a secondary group called Chilled Minds Clique in 2008. CMC (Chilled Minds Clique) would eventually become a valuable part of Midnasty bringing Andez and Early (Founding members of CMC) to the stage.

With changes made and minds set, Midnasty went on to make connections locally and internationally. Producing new music and working on collaborations with various institutions including Initity Clothing Co. and LA based producer Speeshbeats.

In 2009, Midnasty represented to the fullest, having been chosen as one of the artists to have a recording deal with Apl De Ap of the Black Eyed Peas, with “Gago Ako” being the group’s viral hit that brought them the win in MTV Emerge despite the controversy towards the concept.

They represent with unique individuality and pride for their city and the motherland. Midnasty continues to gain following and listenership locally and around the world.

How do you separate yourself from other upcoming and existing band?

Being in Dumaguete and having a Dumagueteño state of mind makes us different from others. Our crew introduces the Pinoy culture, to the world. We put that all together and that’s our style.

Have you had any previous print, broadcast media exposures or reviews? How was it?

We have had some previous publication and media representation during the MTV Emerge event in 2009. Working with MTV Emerge has been so much fun and the publication and promotion from them had been taken very well. Fudge Magazine had also featured Midnasty in their publication during the same event.

What are your future plans? Give your fans an idea on what to look forward in your band this year.

Midnasty intends to put Dumaguete on the map, from the Philippines to the world, and we will not stop inspiring those who follow and who are about to follow our music. The release of We amAZN is a big step, having successful collaborations with artists from L.A. , New Jersey, London, New Zealand, Bacolod City and Bataan City will hopefully spread each artist’s word, and Midnasty’s inspiration to a greater audience.

Other Infos

The group makes use of electronic beats produced by the members themselves and collaborating with international producer Speeshbeats.