Light Motion

Simple Grunge as nirvana

Band Name: Light Motion

Years Playing Music: 3

Country: Philippines

City: Cagayan de Oro City

Genre: Grunge - Rock

Favorite venue to perform: RPM - Rhythm of Party Music

Musical Influences: Nirvana

Availability: If all members have free time

Band Members

Name Instruments Played
Glenn Paul Mabao Guitar - Vocals
Venci Lou Abeja Bass - Vocals
Ringgo Cadungog Drum - Vocals

Gigs & Shows

Venue Date
RPM - Rhythm of Party & Music fridays

Contact Details

Phone #: 09279262445


Website & Social Media



How Often Do You Perform?

when all members of the band comes available

What inspires us on what we want to do?

bring the Filipino grunge music again

Brief History of the band

we are the light motion we formerly "The Usahay" we do grunge music exclusively nirvana music one of our influence why we brought our lives to this band.. we love Kurt Cobain with Nirvana as well.

How do you separate yourself from other upcoming and existing band?

well they are such a good band and they perform so well. we really salute those bands

Have you had any previous print, broadcast media exposures or reviews? How was it?

no! not yet

What are your future plans? Give your fans an idea on what to look forward in your band this year.

to produce audio recording for our original music composed. and to bring back the grunge music alive as what we can see now a days mostly music played more on Korean pops and which some Filipinos forgot that we have our own music scene..