Kris Delano

FlipTop English Conference battle emcee: Kris Delano formerly known as Hallucinate. Born in Manila, Philippines. Spent my teenage years in Harrisburg, PA. I started as a battle emcee back in 2004. I never knew what battle rapping is until I saw a group of kids in my school (Lampeter-Strasburg High School) insulting each other. I had to see it for myself. Since then, I started battling people. From blacks to hispanics and it was really hard specially being “asian” in the scene. After a few years of practice, here I am. Continuously enhancing my skills not only as a battle emcee, but also as a hiphop artist.

Real Name: Dan Christopher Garcia

Sex: M

Country: United States

City: Harrisburg, PA

Genre: Hiphop

Years Playing Music: 8

Availability: Anytime

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How Often Do You Perform?

It depends on the invites.

Have you had any previous print or broadcast media exposures? or reviews? How was it?

Yes. I was in Lancaster, PA Newspapers for being part of the PPL's (Pennsylvania Power & Light) Poster contest. It has nothing to do with my music career but it still has something to do with me being an artist. Here's the link to that article (check the ninth grade level).

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