Aizukurimu, a Jrock music inspired band that all members are anime enthusiast. The real spelling of our band name should be “Aisukurimu” but we change it to “Aizukurimu” to make it cool, i guess it is cool. Aizukurimu mean “Ice Cream” which named by original members. We really love to participate in every anime convention and japanese music event. Not all members in band stay’s forever so we face some band line-up, but we never give up pursuing our passion in music. So Aizukurimu will always ROCK! your heart and SHAKE! every stage that we stand.

Band Name: Aizukurimu

Years Playing Music: 1

Country: Philippines

City: Quezon

Genre: Jrock, Jmetal, Jpunk

Favorite venue to perform: Any Cosplay Convention

Musical Influences: Nico Touches the Wall, L'arc en Ciel, Maximum the Hormone, Nightmare, Gackt, Yui

Availability: Booking

Band Members

Name Instruments Played
Elman Amolo Lead Guitar
JC Floralde Rhythm Guitar
Henry Barrameda Drummer
Immanuel Chavez Bassist

Gigs & Shows

Venue Date
SM City Sta. Mesa March 22, 2014
Area 05 Superclub March 29, 2014

Contact Details

Phone #: 09054060709


Website & Social Media


How Often Do You Perform?

1 or 2 times a month

What inspires us on what we want to do?

We like to perform until our hearts content. Even our genre is Jrock, we will pursue what we really love to do.

Brief History of the band

We start as band around 2010 and before Aizukurimu, the first name of our band is Growfood which founded by the original member Elman Amolo, JC Floralde, Jayson Buquiran, Roxanne Oftana and Angel Malabanan. Some of members leave but we still find ways to make this band live. Then we change the name into Aizukurimu and we found our new drummer Henry Barrameda.

How do you separate yourself from other upcoming and existing band?

By our performance and expressing it in our music. We just give our best shot in any stage we stand.

Have you had any previous print, broadcast media exposures or reviews? How was it?

No we don't, but we are hoping in near future.

What are your future plans? Give your fans an idea on what to look forward in your band this year.

More gigs this 2014 and more surprises.