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M 3AM – 6AM 13 Versionation

M 6AM – 7AM 14 Spinvitation

M 7-9AM 15 The Streets

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M 10AM – 12NN 17 The Streets

M 12NN – 3PM 18 What Hot

M 3PM – 6PM 19 Rock Exp Heavy

M 6PM – 9PM 20 Rock Exp Light

M 9PM – 12MN 21 Slow Motion

T 12MN – 3AM 22 Whats Hot

T 3AM – 6AM 23 Rock Exp Heavy

T 6AM – 9AM 24 Rock Exp Light

T 9AM – 12NN 25 Slow Motion

T 12NN – 3PM 26 Versionation

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T 6PM – 9PM 28 Acoustics

M 9PM – 12MN 29 Whats Hot

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W 9AM-12N Whats Hot 33

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W 6PM – 9PM 36 Rock Exp Cover

W 9PM – 12MN 37 Rock Exp Light

TH 12-3AM 38 Whats Hot

TH 3AM-6AM 39 Rock Exp Heavy

TH 6AM-9AM 40 Rock Exp Cover

TH 9AM-12N 41 Rock Exp Light

TH 12NN-3PM 42 Rock Exp Heavy

TH 3PM – 6PM 43 Rock Exp Cover

TH 6PM – 9PM 44 Acoustics

TH 9PM – 12MN 45 Whats Hot

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F 6PM – 9PM 52 Rock Exp Cover

F 9PM – 10PM 53 Spinvitation

F 10PM-12MN 54 The Streets

S 12-3AM 55 Versionation

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S 6AM-9AM 57 Rock Exp Cover

S 9AM-10AM 58 Spinvitation

S 10AM-12N 59 The Streets

S 12NN-3PM 60 Slow Motion

S 3PM – 6PM 61 Rock Exp Cover

S 6PM – 9PM 62 Rock Exp Heavy

S 9PM – 10PM 63 Spinvitation

S 10PM-12MN 64 The Streets

SU Slow Motion 00-3AM 1

SU Rock Exp Cover 3-6AM 2

SU Rock Exp Heavy 6AM – 9AM 3


SU The Streets 10-12AM 5

SU Versionation 12-2PM 6

SU Versionation 3-6PM 7

SU Spinvitation 6-7PM 8

SU The Streets 7-9PM 9

SU Spinvitation 9-10PM 10

SU The Streets 10-12MN 11

11am - 1pm The Streets

1pm - 4pm Slow Motion

4pm - 7pm Rock Experience Cover

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10pm - 11pm Spinvitation

11pm - 1am The Streets

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7am - 10am Rock Experience Cover

10am - 11am Spinvitation

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Rock Experience Cover

Rock Experience Heavy

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Whats Hot

KathNiel Sings the New ABS-CBN Summer Station ID

ABS-CBN has launched their new summer station ID theme song featuring one of the most “kilig” love teams of today’s generation: Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel

OPM Fair 2013 Invades Cebu!

Who said that OPM is dead? Join us as we take part into this once in a lifetime event in Philippine history! The fair aims

MTV Exit: One Step Ahead On the Fight against Human Trafficking and Exploitation

What is human trafficking? MTVExit defines human trafficking as the buying and selling of men, women and children within countries and across borders for the

Mayumi Radio News AD

Small businesses have shared with us what really matters. Their response was that it is not the great big fancy website, not the hyped advertising packages, and definitely not the poor results.

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